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10 Simple Steps That Will Save You $$$ By Only Office Furniture


1 - Develop a Plan

Taking your time to develop a plan is crucial. It is the starting point of all goals, and your furniture is no exception. A great plan will allow you to budget properly, it is necessary for quotes & will eliminate impulse buying. It will enable you to maximize your floor space, whereby eliminating wastage.

2 - Maximize Tight Areas

For tight areas, place masking tape on the floor when measuring up for your furniture. This will give you an exact idea of how much room you will have spare around your items for walkways etc.

3 - Focus On The Essentials First

Accessories can & will be added at a later date. This is much easier to plan once staff have moved in to their work areas. Items such as office desks, office chairs, drawer units & filing cabinets are all essential for immediate operation, whereas items such as stationery cabinets & bookcases for example, can be added when required.

4 - Buy New Furniture

There is a lot of used office furniture out there. The quality varies, i'm sure some of it is more than capable of doing the job for you. However, new furniture is a tax deduction for anyone purchasing for a business whereas used furniture is not. A reputable new office furniture dealer who has been around for 10 years or more, will be able to match exactly that desk you bought 5 years ago when it comes time to add a desk hutch or credenza, whereas your used dealer will have something similar. When purchasing your new furniture, make sure that the dealer you choose only deals in :

5 - Commercial Grade Products

Office furniture comes in different grades, so you want to make sure that the furniture you purchase passes the Australian/New Zealand standards for commercial furniture. I have listed several of the standards below for you to look through.

AS/NZS 4688:2000 - Fixed Height Chairs.

AS/NZS 4438:1997 - Height Adjustable Swivel Chairs

AS/NZS 4442:1997 - Office Desks

AS/NZS 4443:1997 - Office Panel Systems/Workstations

At Only Office Furniture, we will not deal in a product that does not pass the AUS/NZS standards for commercial furniture. One of the benefits for the end user, is that all of our furniture comes with :

6 - Long Warranties

The shelves in your bookcases will not bow, your desk won't fall apart when you try to move it & your chair won't collapse on you. Should you ever experience an issue with one of our products, it will simple be replaced with a new one, because we have long warranties. This would be the most important point to fully understand as it leads us to the number one way to save money on office furniture which is to :

7 - Buy Online

By choosing a reputable dealer, who only sells commercial products, that come with long warranties, there is a lot of money to be saved by buying online. Visiting one store after the next looking at the furniture yourself is wasting time. I don't know what you rate yourself at per hour, but add that up against the last time you went shopping for an office chair! Online Stores are so much cheaper because they don't have the overheads like rent, big electricity bills, staff etc. Don't think that retail stores must have better quality because their furniture is dearer. Rate your dealer based on the AUS/NZS standards instead.

8 - Have Your Furniture Delivered & Installed

Have your dealer organize delivery and installation for you. Your furniture will be installed quickly & correctly. Purchasing is always done by someone who can take leadership of this task. As leaders, our roles are to decide what needs to be done next. Booking in a delivery and installation allows you to move on to the next decision that has to be made on your agenda.

9 - After Sales Service

At Only Office Furniture, we email you the day after your delivery to make sure that everything went according to the schedule, and you were happy with our service. We also email you 6 months later to make sure you are getting everything out of our products that you should be. A lot of dealers only care about making the initial sale. How do the dealers you have used in the past stack up in the after sales service department?

10 - Sell Your Old Furniture

If you are upgrading, or need to get rid of any furniture items for any reason, Google used office furniture dealers in your location. You can expect them to come to your site, give you a quote for your furniture and remove it at their expense at a time that suits you. Commercial furniture always fetches a fair price down the track because of its quality.

I hope this list has been helpful. All of the items on it will save you money for sure. If you should have any questions about purchasing office furniture, no matter where you are in Australia, you can email me directly at

I will be pleased to offer you assistance in any way that i can.