Storage Units


Keep your office in good order by selecting the right storage options.

There is always a lot going on within the office workplace and if not kept in check things can all too easily fall into chaos! - From organising your paperwork to managing your stationary and keeping all of your important resources on hand and easy to access. This is why it is so important to kit your office out with the relevant storage furniture that can help you and your employees keep everything in order and to help your business stay afloat.

Take for example the Rapid Worker Range pigeon hole shelving. This is a handy piece of furniture which allows you to successfully ensure that all of your staff is up to date with one another, especially when it comes to certain items that cannot be shared or discussed via email.

Another popular item of furniture that is often necessary in a large office environment is a stationery cabinet that remains under lock and key. Like it or not, people love stationary! And if it is lying around to hand for everyone to take as and when they desire you will eat through it in no time! This is why it is important that you keep track of what is being dished out to your staff and the rate in which everything is being used. I for one would eat through those post-it pads like they were going out of fashion if I was left to my own devices.

Why it is so important to keep certain documents in a safe, physical filing system

There is only one constant in business: paperwork! Even in this magnificent internet age where we handle much of our work via Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets, there is still an awful lot of physical paperwork that goes with it!

So why is it that even with all of this technology we still insist on having large storage units filled with various paper articles? What is it that we’re so afraid of and why can we not say goodbye to the hardcopy and rely solely on cyberspace? These are the questions that we bitterly mutter to ourselves as we trawl through a filing cabinet looking for some old document that we should arguably be able to simply grab online. But there is a method to this so-called madness; there is a reason why most businesses insist on using physical storage as well as computer hardware and the cloud.

For example: if for any particular reason the power in your office building were to switch off for even half a day you would lose access to much of your important documents - This is why it is valuable to hold onto the physical copies! Not necessarily for absolutely everything, but for those documents that you may require in case of an emergency. That is the ‘fail safe’ reason, but there is much more to keeping physical documents in your office than simply ‘preparing for the worst’.

And then there is the security side of things - The reality is that if someone for any reason wanted to illegally access any of your businesses delicate and confidential documents it would be much easier for them to hack into your computer system than it would be to break into your office. Simply put there are certain documents that you should try and avoid storing online or on your computer. And of course this is not to suggest that people are ‘out to get you’, but you can never be too safe and it is always wise to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your business is secure.  

There is a wealth of various filing cabinet styles and designs for you to choose from including those which come with a lock and key for the more important documents. Filing cabinets are a great way of keeping all of your handy paperwork organised and within an arm’s reach of your desk.