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Corner Desks


Rapid Worker Range Corner Desks

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Rapid Vibe Range Corner Desks

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Rapid Span C Leg Corner Desks

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1800 x 1800 x 700 beech over silver corner desk from the Rapid Span Range.

Rapid Span Leg Corner Desks

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Rapid Span Leg Desk with Return

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Rapid Span Electric Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Corner Desks

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Rapid Manager Range in Corner Desk in Appletree over Ironstone by Only Office Furniture

Rapid Manager Range Corner Desks

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Rapid Manager Span Frame Corner Desks

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Corner desks offer the largest amount of desk space. View our range. With plenty of sizes to choose from, you are sure to maximise your work area.

Corner desks are our largest desks. Purchasing these means that you will never have to upgrade for size purposes. They are popular among engineers, builders, draftsman and other trades required to open and read plans at their desks because the corner desks gives you more than enough room to also work at your computer and have writing space.

Corner desks follow you around as you swivel in your chair making them highly functional. You can be working at your computer in the corner of the desk with your left hand whilst writing on the right hand side. Open plans, printers and photocopiers are just some examples of what could be on the left hand side of your desk.

A lot of offices today rely on staff collaborating on different projects that they might be working on. A large desk gives you the room to invite colleagues over to view your project. One of the jobs that we did recently insisted that we supply gas lift stools for each corner desk. The stools are stored beneath the desks and wheeled out when collaboration is required.

Corner desks can quite simply fill a corner of the room. This type of set up is very popular among home offices. So many times have been to a home office to replace a student grade straight desk with one of our brand new corner desks. Sometimes, the existing set up leaves a gap between the end of the desk and the corner too small to put a set of drawers in and too large not to be noticed, so there may be a pot plant there. Our corners will completely fill that void whereby maximising your allowable desk space. 

They are the most popular desk to be used in workstation clusters. This is where 4 desks (a pod of 4) are placed in the middle of a room creating a plus sign. Quite often, this type of set up will have workstation screens between them creating cubicles. Power and data can be brought down from the ceiling via a power pole (or sometimes up from the floor). Cable trays are provided in the workstation scenario where power points and data (phone) outlets can be fitted. Our electrician will then run the cables to the points. You simply then run your cables down the cable hole and plug them in.

Our corner desks come in a variety of sizes. The Rapid Span range are all 700 mm deep and come in 1200, 1500 and 1800 long sides. The Rapid Worker Range are 600 mm deep (except for the 1800 x 1800 which is also available in 750 mm deep), and come with 1200, 1500, 1800 x 2100 long sides. The Rapid Manager Range only comes in 1 size, 1800 x 1800 x 600. Choose the size that will maximise your allowable desk space. Whatever size sides you choose, they are universal. This means that they can be assembled on the left or right hand side. So, if you require 1800 on the left and 1500 on the right, just assemble it that way or advise our installers prior to assembly.

Multiple computer monitors are becoming very popular. So popular in fact that sales on desk mounted screens are diminishing as the monitors provide the same type of privacy. You may be ok with one monitor in the beginning but if you think that you may be required to house multiple monitors in the future, then it may be cost effective to purchase the correct width desk at the start.


To sum up, corner desks are large, they are highly functional and are great for collaborating with colleagues. They can maximise and fill allowable desk space in the corner of a room or create a 4 person workstation centrally in a large office. They are universal meaning that they can be assembled as left or right hand, or even changed to the other side down the track if required. And finally, they are handy if you are required to house mulitple computer monitors at your desk.

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