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Discover the lowest online prices everyday on ready made workstations and office cubicles. Get fast & free delivery to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.


Workstations or Cubicles, whats the difference?

Workstations have less privacy screens, and are more open, benefiting those after a more collaborative office environment. Cubicles have screening on the front and down both sides of each desk, giving the operator a more private work environment. Both types come in clusters (groups), available in many different configurations. Because the desks are grouped, they allow you to fit more people into an office space than individual desking, as their are no spaces between desks. They also allow for power and data cabling to run from 1 location, either the wall, floor or ceiling, which provides for each desk in the cluster.


What services are available?

*Free site measures

A free site measure can be requested by contacting us. We will require some basic information from you, such as your name, address, contact number, & available times. Whilst processing your request, we may also ask you which products you are interested in, and how many staff you are looking to cater for. We then schedule in an appointment with our site representative. Once the measure is complete, our site rep will discuss product options and possibilities with you.

*Quotes including free 3d rendered images

Once your site measure is complete, and you have chosen suitable products for your fit out, we will do up a quote for you, and send it through via email. Your quote will be valid for 30 days. Once quoted, our design team will go to work, and create free 3d rendered images of your project, so that you can see what your fit out will look like upon completion. (this can take 2 or 3 days, depending on their schedule at the time). The images will be emailed through upon completion.


What are their limitations?

Our ready made workstations & cubicles can be configured in different ways, other than what are seen on the website. However, they are still limited to their parts & colours available. We do not cut down, cut in, or modify their sizes, so the site must be suitable for the workstations. Our soft wiring products are supply only, and must be fitted by an electrician of your choice, (Your building manager or real estate agent will advise you of the electrician used for your building).


Summing up

Stretch your budget with our affordable, ready made, workstation clusters. Utilise our free services to your advantage, in order to maximise your office environment, with the best options for your needs. All of our workstations are available off the shelf, for fast & free delivery in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.