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Straight Desks

1500 x 750 beech over ironstone straight desk from the Rapid Worker Range

Rapid Worker Range Straight Desks

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Rapid Vibe Range Straight Desks

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Rapid Span C Leg Straight Desks

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1800 x 700 beech over silver straight desk from the Rapid Span Range

Rapid Span leg Straight Desks

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Rapid Span Electric Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Straight Desks

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Rapid Manager Span Frame Straight Desks

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1800 x 900 appletree over ironstone straight desk from the Rapid Manager Range

Rapid Manager Range Straight Desks

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Straight desks are our most versatile desks. They come in many sizes, which means they can maximise any work spaces that you have, whether large or small. 

Straight desks are the most popular, and best place to start. Whether your needing a desk for your child's bedroom so that they can do homework or study, or setting up your home office, beginning a business or fitting our your existing office, straight desks are the most popular.

What do we mean by most popular place to start? simple. Let me give you a real life example. We received an order for a straight desk, going in to a suburban house. Upon set up, the customer told us that this was for her child starting year 9 in high school, so the child needed somewhere to study etc, (+ a commercial office chair. They even make kids more comfortable for longer but more about that in the chairs section of our site).

2 years later, the same customer purchased a desk hutch for her sons existing desk. upon setting it up, i could see that there were books everywhere, and the customer told me that her son needed somewhere to store all of his books, but have them at hand.

2 years on from that, we did an order for a desk return and a credenza going to a business location. When we arrived to site, here was the son, sitting in his new office.  He remembered me and began to tell me about his animation for advertising business that he had set up. Apparently he'd been into this through the final 2 years of high school, and got into it with his parents help straight out of school.

Another 5 years on and we still serve this customer to this day. He has moved office twice since our original delivery to his first office. His last order was for 6 straight desks, chairs and drawers and was currently up to 24 staff members. He still has his original office furniture in his own office on the new premises that he started out with when he was 14 years old.

The moral to the story is that you can expand on to a straight desk at your leisure, as required. You can add a desk return, which will create a corner desk for you. (Alternatively you could use a credenza as your return. They are the same height as desks for this reason but more about that in the credenza section). You can add a desk hutch, as the parent did in the story. This just makes it easy to store a bookcase worth of books and folders, yet have them readily available. Drawers, of course. Mobile drawers or fixed pedestals are easily added to any straight desk or return, (or placed next to your desk to house a printer maybe, but more about this in the desk drawers section). There have even been examples of customers using their original straight desks as desk returns for corner desks increasing the length of one wing. Straight desks are definitely the desk to consider the most when starting.

They do not take up as much room as a corner desk so they can maximise smaller areas such as bedrooms. Larger straight desks are popular in commercial offices for the same reason,  being that you can fit more people into the one office as long as the desk is large enough for each employee to do their required work, so they are maximising spaces in commercial offices in a different way.

We have fitted out countless bedrooms, small offices and commercial offices with straight desks. Each desk must typically allow for a keyboard, mouse, at least one monitor, speakers, a printer and have sufficient writing space left over. Our straight desks also come with 2 x cable holes so that you can run cables from your electric items down through the holes, and plug them in accordingly.

Each straight desk comes with 2 gables, (legs, except in the case of the Rapid Span Range where the legs are actually metal legs), a 25 mm thick desk top, and a modesty panel, ( the panel stemming between the 2 legs or gables. The modesty panels job is to create privacy for the operator and importantly, it is structural, giving solidity to the gables.


Straight Desks are the best place to start, and grow from, with so many options that can be added later. They can maximise smaller allowable desk spaces,  they are simple in structure, (quite easy to assemble yourself if you have the time), and are perfect for bedroom sized rooms right up to commercial cubicles.

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