"Get The Best Products, At The Lowest Prices"


"to source and supply only top quality products....."


That Furniture Place, (which in 2010 became Only Office Furniture), was established in 2007 by Mr Richard Tookarchi, from a store in Deception Bay, Qld. With 23 years of experience, across many facets of commercial furniture manufacturing under his belt, he was able to visually detect differences in the quality of products, available for sale in different stores across Brisbane. So, in beginning the business, his single goal was, and is to this day, to source and supply only top quality products.


Our first store was small, and focused on selling high quality 2nd hand products, that were available from ex-government auctions. Richard's wife Carolyn came in to help run the store, while Richard focused on the logistics including purchasing, deliveries & on site installations. Before long, we were being approached by manufacturers and importers, for the purpose of selling their products. We sifted through the varying qualities, and began selling the new products side by side with the used. In 2010, we moved to a new, larger location, in Margate, Qld. Here we were able to house a lot more products on the floor, giving our customers a greater selection to choose from.


Online sales quickly became more and more popular, along with the sales of our new products. We were able to source the same quality products out of distribution centres in SydneyMelbourne, Adelaide & Perth, and began doing online sales in those States, as well as Brisbane. During our last year as a brick & mortar store our sales continued to increase, whilst the foot traffic became almost zero. To save on the overheads, we closed the store, & became 100% online in 2015.


These days, Richard & Carolyn both still play active rolls in the business, each performing customer service duties, with Carolyn also in charge of accounts. If you need any help whatsoever with choosing products for your next project, you can contact us via phone or email. If you want to speak with Richard, you can call or text him directly on 0421 690 562.