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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a statement that explains in simple language how Only Office Furniture handles and stores your personal information, in accordance with the Australian Privacy ACT 1988.


Our Name & Contact Details 


: ABN - 11 118 542 591

: Head Office Phone - 07 3203 2394 

: Email - sales@onlyofficefurn.com


Personal Information Collected

The personal information we collect is in reference to the processing of all office furniture orders. Details include :

: Names - required whether using for site contact or pick up

: Email Addresses - used for quotes, invoices, receipts and general contact.

: Physical Addresses - required for deliveries only

: Contact Phone Numbers - required whether using for site contact or pick up

: Credit/Debit Card Details (when paying for the order by credit/debit card. Card details are not stored once order has been processed)



How do we store your personal information

Your information is stored only in our computer system. There are no hard copies stored.


How Do We Use/Share Your Personal Information?

All information, whether personal or professional, given to us during the order process is never shared with any other party. We do not use cookies on our website for the purpose of gathering and/or sharing your information.

Any extra details given to us via email, or over the phone, such as updated site contact details, are deleted/shredded once the related order has been processed.


How to access your personal information

You will need to contact us using the contact information above to request access. Only you or another person you have authorised, such as a legal guardian or authorised agent, can make the request. Only Office Furniture must be satisfied the request came from you or a person you authorised.

You may be asked to put your request in writing and for information that identifies you. If so, include:

: Your name and contact details

: The personal information you want to access

: How you’d like access to the personal information (such as receiving a copy by email or post, or if you just want to look at the information)

: If you authorise a person or organisation to access the personal information on your behalf.


When should you get a response to your request?

Only Office Furniture will respond to a request for access to personal information within 7 business days.

There is no charge for access your personal stored information.


For any other questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us on the name and contact details at the top of this page.