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Rapid Worker Range Bookcases

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Rapid Span Range Bookcase in White

Rapid Span Range Bookcases

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Deluxe Infinity Bookcases

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Go Steel Range Shelving

Go Steel Open Bay Shelving Unit - Silver Grey

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Rapid Worker Range Pigeon Hole Units

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3 Tier Utility Trolley

Utility Trolley - Ironstone

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Store your lever arch folders, files and books away neatly and keep them close at hand in one of our bookcases. They are available matching in each range.

In the office there are so many different files and resources that it can often become quite difficult to keep track of where everything is! From all of your accounting and human resources documents, to your client information, training packs and product information catalogues; there is simply so much that can fall into disorganisation and slow your business down. This is why it is always paramount to stay on top of absolutely everything and run a tight ship – If you allow your rigging and sails to get all tangled up it certainly won't be 'plain sailing' for you.

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There are various systems that can be set in place to stay on top of things but naturally there are different levels of requirement depending on the value and functionality of the resources needed. For example using a bookcase to store all of your delicate accounting information is not going to be the best idea. Having piles of paperwork stacked up on shelves for everyone to access is not only careless, but also an incredibly inconvenient way of storing your delicate information. Naturally using a filing cabinet is a much more efficient system when it comes down to it as you can store the filing cabinet in a secure location and keep the documents under lock and key.

On the other hand a bookcase is much better suited to certain resources that will be required on a more regular basis - Items that are designed to be shared between your staff and kept in a more communal location for easier access. We at Only Office offer a wonderful variety of stunning bookcases that will almost certainly fit perfectly within your office style and décor.

Take our Rapid Worker Range Pigeon Hole Shelving item: This is the perfect piece of furniture to be stored in your staff room for example – It allows you and your employees to each have your own separate shelving area for sharing important documents, memo’s and notifications. There is the option for extra shelving available if you require more compartments with smaller space and this fine piece come with up to 3 years of commercial warranty.

Then we have our Go Steel Range Shelving bookcase: This is a tight and compact item of furniture that will fit well in any office environment, save on space and allow you to conveniently store your essentials such as communal stationary and other necessary items that your employees may require on hand. This sturdy piece of equipment comes with up to 10 years of commercial warranty and is most definitely a sound investment for any office environment.

Don’t allow your office to fall into chaos with stacks of paper and resources lying around, building up in piles in every corner, aisle and hallway. You should keep your office looking clean, tidy, organised and professional and you will thank yourself for it in the long-run – as will your staff.