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Ironstone Base Boardroom Tables

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Rapid Span Range Meeting Tables

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Typhoon Boardroom Tables 1800 x 900

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Typhoon Boardroom Tables 2400 x 1200

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Typhoon Boardroom Tables 3200 x 1200

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Rapid Edge Fold Away Boardroom Tables

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Boardroom tables are at the core of all important meetings. Have a look at our range and select the one that will maximise the space in your boardroom.

There is always much to be considered when you are kitting out your office or workplace with new furniture and it can become a terribly stressful process. You have to find the right office desks and chairs for your employees, you need to ensure that they are safe, top quality and yet affordable. You have to make sure that they are practical and that they fit the layout of your office as efficiently as possible so as not to create any unnecessary hazards. Running a business is difficult enough as it is without having to worry about all of these problems which is why we here at Only Office Furniture strive to make the entire process as easy as possible.

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From the very beginning of your project we will be in contact with you, advising you as best we can and even offering an incredible delivery time. (Typically within two working days depending on where you are located and how big the order is) Upon delivery we will also assemble and install all of your furniture, including cleaning it and removing all of the packaging too. We pride ourselves on our thorough and friendly service and will even follow up with a friendly email to make sure that everything has been to your satisfaction. 

All of our items come with an extended warranty which stands testament to the fact that we are hugely proud of our products and confident in that they have been both designed and built to last – so you can rest assured that when you are dealing with Only Office Furniture; that you are getting the absolute best of the best.

Quality Boardroom Tables that represent and promote success

Among our quality office furniture we have a number of desirable Boardroom tables that are most certainly worth a gander. Many of the biggest and most important decisions that you will ever make for your business will be discussed and made when sat around a boardroom table – and often some of your biggest deals will be signed up too, so it is vastly important that you invest in a boardroom table that speaks volumes.

Imagine you are walking into an office to meet with a prospective client and they lead you into their meeting room where you are to meet with the directors. How would you feel if you walked into a room to sit down and a tiny, cramped and uncomfortable table? What does this say about the people that you may be going into business with? First impressions are everything and if you are to be successful you have to demonstrate a certain level of class and professionalism; the Boardroom table is a valuable and impactful item of furniture that should not be chosen lightly.

Take the Rapid Manager Range Boardroom Table for example: This is a top quality, attractive looking piece of furniture that simply breathes class and success. You must ensure that not only you feel empowered when sat around it, but also any prospective clients do too. That is the purpose of a boardroom table so choose wisely when making your final decision.