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Go Steel Tambour Door Stationery Cabinets

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Stationery cabinets provide a way to store & lock away office supplies such as stationary. The metal version are also very handy in the garage for storage.

Ironically it is stationary that keeps a business moving forward; without pencils there is nothing to push. Of course in the current financial climate a business owner is always looking for different ways to cut back on spending and the easiest place to start is with stationary. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t necessarily the amount of money that you spend on stationary, but the rate in which your staff burn through it that’s the issue. If you are able to better manage the way your stationary usage is monitored you will in turn be able to reduce your overall expenditure in the long-term.

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I understand that this may all seem like a big fuss over some post-it pads and a couple boxes of staples but like it or not: it all adds up and the truth is that everybody loves slinging a ball of rubber bands around the office while the boss isn’t watching.

Here at Only Office Furniture we have a number of quality Stationary Cabinets for you to choose from. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials from Apple Tree to Graphite Ripple; we have something that will certainly fit within your office décor. Most of our furniture is ready with lock and key so that you can keep your stationary supplies stored safely away in a location that will enable you to monitor what goes out and what comes in.

You may feel as though you are babying your employees by openly locking your stationary supplies away in a cupboard but it is simply the most efficient way of saving money when it comes to your stationary consumption. The workplace can at times become an incredibly mundane and tedious environment – throw unlimited access to brand new stationary into the mix and you can rest assured that those permanent markers and Tippex mice will fly off the shelves in a heartbeat!

Not only that but it also encourages employees to take better care of their stationary. If grabbing a new pen is as easy as walking over to an open bookshelf full of supplies you can almost guarantee that your employees will be more careless with company property and things will go missing more often. A limited, monitored supply will encourage employees to hold onto what they have and make it last. This is a simple, cost effective and easy way of ensuring that your time, money and resources and put to the best possible use – it may ruffle a few feathers having to go through Human Resources to get a new box of paperclips but ultimately it will make your business run much smoother.

So what are you waiting for? Have a browse through our fine selection of quality products and make your purchase today!