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Executive Chairs

CL610 medium back executive chair in soft black pu leather

CL610 Medium Back Budget Executive Chair

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CL710 High Back Executive Chair

CL710 High Back Budget Executive Chair

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CL820 Extra High Back Executive Chair

CL820 Extra Large High Back Executive Chair

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CL410 High Back Executive Chair

CL410 High Back Commercial Grade Executive Chair

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Lander Leather Ergonomic Executive Chair

Lander Heavy Duty Genuine A Grade Leather Executive Chair

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Endure 160 Heavy Duty High Back Executive Chair

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PU900 Medium Back Meeting / Executive Chair

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PU605M Medium Back Meeting /Executive Chair

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PU605H High Back Meeting / Executive Chair

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CL2000M Medium Back Executive Chair

CL2000M Slimline Medium Back Genuine Leather Executive Chair

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CL2000H Slimline High Back Genuine Leather Executive Chair

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CL2000V Meeting Chair

CL2000V Slimline High Back Genuine Leather Executive / Visitor Chair

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Pelle High Back Executive Chair

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Pelle Medium Back Executive Chair

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Pelle Medium Back Executive / Visitor Chair

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Executive chairs are suitable for any office, meeting or boardroom. They're comfortable, they look the part, and are available here at discount prices.

There is nothing quite like sitting down in a high quality, ergonomic, leather executive office chair; whether you’re in the office, the boardroom or working from home. Not only does it fill you with a sense of superiority and power but it also offers you the maximum level of comfort and support.

Only Office Furniture is proud in being one of the leading suppliers of fine office furniture throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. As you can see, we have a huge variety of executive chairs to choose from in all manner of styles and designs.

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The importance of kitting out your boardroom with top quality executive office chairs is often underestimated! Imagine if you are heading into meet a new potential client and you enter their boardroom to sit down to discuss a prospective deal and you find yourself sat around a poor quality, cheap boardroom table surrounded by plastic stackable office chairs. It’s not exactly going to blow you away is it?

The problem that many business owners have is that they are reluctant to spend money where they feel it’s not necessary or financially beneficial; when in actuality something as seemingly insignificant as selecting quality executive office chairs as opposed to the cheaper alternative can indeed bring you a return in the long run. Any businessman who is worth his salt will instantly pick up on the fact that you have opted for the cheaper option and essentially taken a ‘shortcut’.

And then on the flipside your potential client walks into your boardroom to discover a grand table surrounded by evidently quality leather executive chairs; they will instantaneously recognise that they are about to sit down with a company that does not mess around. Their perception of you as a potential partner will transform in a positive way. You will be exercising an air of authority, wealth and professionalism; something that every businessman will admire.

Keeping your employees & clients happy and impressed with quality executive chairs

Like it or not, in business aesthetics is everything - Though there are many benefits to kitting out your office with quality executive chairs, for example: comfort, safety and practicality. The boardroom is where many of your biggest decisions as a business are made. In this light it is important to consider how much of an impact comfort can have on your employees overall concentration. It may seem like a rather petty point to make though ultimately it is the truth: If your staff is sat around a table on cheap and uncomfortable chairs for a long period of time they will almost certainly grow restless, lose concentration and subsequently operate at a less acute level of performance. 

All of our executive office chairs are of such a high quality that we offer an incredible warranty term ranging from 5 to 10 years! You will not find such incredible offers at such competitive prices! So get browsing and place your orders today. If you have any questions or require any assistance whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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