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Credenzas are used for extending desks, or as general office storage cabinets. They have height adjustable shelves & are locking. View our range online today.

What is a credenza?

A credenza, or credenza desk, is a desk height office storage cabinet, that comes with sliding or cabinet doors. They are often confused with buffets, which are much taller cabinets, commonly found in dining rooms.

What are their features?

Each unit comes with 2 x height adjustable shelves. They are designed to be a desk return, and an at hand storage cupboard at the same time, which is why they are finished at desk height. It is also why, they have sliding doors instead of standard cabinet doors, which would hit you where your sitting. They are also used as storage cabinets in hallways, or along walk ways, as the sliding doors need no external space to open. When used against a wall, you will commonly find desk hutches fitted to the top of them, for additional storage, not unlike a buffet and hutch in household furniture. Credenzas are all locking, so are perfect for storing confidential, or personal items.

What are their disadvantages?

Credenzas are a little more difficult to assemble yourself than an average desk or bookcase, unless you have experience, with fitting sliding doors. They are very heavy, so are difficult to collect yourself, and are very expensive to ship to remote areas. They do not have height adjustable levelling feet, so feet have to be packed, on uneven floors.

Summing Up

If you need more desk space, then consider using a credenza, as a desk return. This will increase your at hand storage at the same time. Or, if you need more cabinetry for general storage, maybe a credenza and hutch against a wall would be a suitable solution. Whatever your needs, credenzas are a solid, versatile, lockable storage option.