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With so many to choose from, selecting the best office desks for you can be a difficult task. On this page we will explain the differences between types, and offer some practical advice.

Your office desk must maximise the space you want to fit out. We stock a wide variety of office desks in shapes and sizes to maximise any office space. If your fitting out a home office, then you will measure the space you are willing to allow for a desk and view our products until you find the right desk that will fit your space allowed to the max.

If your fitting out a small office, the same rule applies. You will measure out the space allowed for desking and you will fit it out maximising your allowed area.

If your fitting out a commercial office, again we must maximise the space as well as making sure that each operator has adequate desk space. In this instance, you can call us for a free measure and quote. We will visit you at your site, discuss the needs of your staff and some product options covering basic desks to workstations. We can even do you up a 3D image giving you an exact example of how your office will look upon completion, but more about this on the workstations page.

The office desk you choose must be functional for you. We've seen desks with 3 computer monitors fitted to them, so multiple cable holes come into play. They may require workstation screens around them or they may require drawers fitted to the underside. You may prefer the ergonomics of a sit stand desk so that you do not always have to be seated while you work or you may want your desk to follow you around like a corner desk. Accessories may be important to you such as a desk hutch, so commercial grading is important or you may be required to suit WH&S standards which state that you absolutely must provide commercial grade desks for your office.

Why choose one of our desks?

Our desks are commercial quality. This means that our desks will never bow, wear out or collapse under there own weight like a student grade desk. They are also cheap, because we do not have the overheads of retail outlets so we can pass these savings on to our customers. If researched, you will find that our desks are as cheap or cheaper than the common student grade office desks found in major furniture retail stores.

We have a wide range which means that you can start with a small desk and increase it in size later. We have been in business now for over ten years and have seen a lot of businesses come and go. Some come in with backing from investors. These businesses take out an entire floor in the CBD, and fit it out with expensive workstations that are functional and do the job well. But what if you don't have investors backing you? What if you are just starting out, and are looking for the right place to start? In this instance it is beneficial not to come in to your market at the high end of things. No, you need cheap rent, low overheads and support.

We have helped so many small businesses get off the ground. We advise to start with a straight desk, 1500 mm wide. This is enough to house a computer, and have 50% at least of the desk left over for your paperwork. Then, down the track, you need more room. So we advise you to get a set of matching under desk drawers, only we suggest that you place those drawers next to the desk. You now have a storage unit for your stationery and up to 40 suspension files. The reason we say "next to the desk" is because you will put your printer or cpu on top of it whereby creating more desk space. Need more room? and a matching desk return on to your existing desk. They are universal which means that they can be fitted on either side of your current desk. You now have created a corner desk. Prefer more storage? Rather than use a desk return, try a matching Credenza. These are low lying storage units (that are exactly desk height) that can be used as a return, giving you the same desk space as a return and a massive storage cupboard as well.

Need more space? Add a matching desk hutch to your existing office desk. Perfect for lever arch folders and books, the hutch gives you "at hand" access to the day to day folders and files that you constantly need.

As you can see, when your starting out, we give you lots of matching options to expand. This will save you a lot of much need funds at the beginning of your business journey, and give you an extremely functional and space maximising workstation, all with matching products. Lesser than commercial quality grades not only will let you down quality wise but will also let you down when it comes to matching something existing in the near future as you grow.

If your wondering how i can be so confident that our products will last longer than lesser grade, you only need to look at our warranties on each item. Also our terms and conditions state that we will replace, any damaged item, that is under warranty, at our expense. That's how confident we are that you are getting not only quality desks, but commercial quality products in general.

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