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Marquee Reception Counter

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The Marquee reception counter is all class, with it's glass counter top, over a gloss white body, zebra veneer columns, built in drawers & cpu storage cupboard.

What are it's features?

It comes with a built in 2 box, 1 file, lockable under desk drawer unit on one side, & a cpu + storage cupboard on the other side. You can run plenty of cables through 2 large access ports in the top, shrouded by chrome cable entry hole covers. The glass counter top adds class, while the zebra veneer front columns really stand out, against the shiny gloss white finish. They are commercial grade, and come with a 5 year warranty.

What are it's disadvantages?

They are only suitable for large reception areas. They only come in the 1 colour scheme, and in the 1 size. Their weight and size make them expensive to ship to regional locations.

Summing Up

Add class & functionality to your waiting room, with a Marquee Reception Counter. They are available off the shelf in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. 

What are their overall dimensions?

The marquee reception counter overall dimensions are :

: 2400 mm wide x 855 mm deep x 1150 mm high.

Can i assemble these desks myself?

  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Time required - 75 minutes
  • Tools recommended - Cordless Drill (with phillips head bit), a second person.


Unpack all parts, and place them on a clean surface, to avoid the parts from being scratched. Follow the step by step instructions provided. All holes are pre threaded & drilled to make self assembly easy. The under desk drawer unit, and built in cpu storage cupboard, come fully assembled to save time.


Have a second person handy, to help you hold pieces in place during assembly, and with moving the assembled desk into position. Easy to do for those with large item flat pack furniture assembly experience.