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Desk Returns


Rapid Worker Range Straight Desk Returns

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Rapid Vibe Range Straight Desk Returns

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900 x 600 appletree desk return from the Rapid Manager Range

Rapid Manager Straight Desk Return

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Attain more desk space by adding a desk return on to your existing desk. Maximise your allowable desk space with one of our easy to assemble desk returns

The Rapid Worker returns come in 2 sizes, 900 mm x 600 mm and 1200 mm x 600 mm.

The Rapid Manager returns just come in the 1 size, 900 mm x 600 mm.

All of our desk returns are universal. This means that they can be assembled on the left or right hand side of your desk at 90 degrees. Fixed pedestals can be moved from beneath your desk and fitted to the return if required. Once installed, they are structurally sound so you could have your desk hutch sit over your desk return if required.

On the straight desks page we mention that straight desks are the place to start, well, desk returns are the next step. It just makes sense to not have to outlay large amounts of money at the beginning of your fit out especially if you are just starting out. Desk returns are also very easy to assemble yourself and come flat packed in a small package. This means that you could pick it up yourself from one of our 4 locations around Australia and save on the delivery fee, another bonus when your just starting out.

Although it is not advisable, you can fit our desk returns on to desks other than ours. You may have trouble matching colours though, (as there are so many different types of Beech for example), however, as long as your existing desk is 730 mm high, it will fit. Our straight desks have holes pre drilled to accept the screws that come with our returns. If you are fitting to a desk other than ours you may be required to supply your own self tapping screws.

We have even been asked to add our desk returns directly on to existing desk returns in a straight line. This is also not advisable and the returns are not made to be fitted this way, but it is possible. The fact is that they are the second place to start, and they can maximise a very small allowable desk space in your office.

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