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Rapid Worker Range Desk Returns

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Rapid Vibe Range Desk Returns

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Rapid Manager Range Desk Returns

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Increase your work space. Fit to left or right hand side of desk. Easy to assemble yourself, or have us deliver and install.We have matching returns available for our straight desks in 3 of the ranges. The rapid worker desk returns come in 3 sizes, starting at $104.00 ea for the 900 mm x 450 mm, and are available in cherry or beech over ironstone. (Standard drawer units will stick out of the front of the 900 mm x 450 mm return. A special sized rapid worker drawer unit is available for them)

The rapid vibe desk returns are available in all white or all grey and come only in the size 900 mm x 600 mm. Suitable for executive offices are the rapid manger returns, also only available in size 900 mm x 600 mm. Only Office Furniture has the lowest prices available on commercial desk returns.