Revolve Single Monitor Arm

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Create more desk space & make your computer monitor fully ergonomic, with a revolve single monitor arm. They can be clamp mounted, or grommit fixed to your desk.


Their features include :

Revolve single monitor arms come with both clamps and grommet fix kits. They can be either clamped to the outside edge of your desk or through an existing cable hole. If clamping is not the right option, they can be fitted anywhere you like, simply by drilling an 8.5 mm hole in the desk top, and mounting the monitor arm with the grommit fix kit. (both types of fitting are included in the assembly fee). They are suitable for 10 inch to 30 inch monitors, they have cable management within the pole & they the come with a 10 kg weight rating.


What are their disadvantages?

They are only available in clamp or grommit fix, so they cannot be fitted to walls or partitions. They are restricted to monitors no larger than 30 inch or 10 kg's in weight. They are only available in black.


Summing Up

Create greater comfort at your desk, by adjusting your computer monitor, to the best position for you. They are available off the shelf in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

Revolve single monitor arm overall dimensions are :

Self assembly info

  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Time required - 30 to 40 minutes
  • Tools required - Phillips head screw driver, allen keys (supplied), 8.5 mm drill bit + drill (if grommet mounting).



Assemble the monitor arm column with your preferred mounting bracket, then fit it to your desk as per the instructions provided. Once fitted, attach your computer monitor, to the monitor plate. Then run your cables, and keep them tidy with the cable covers provided. 



Monitor arms are easy to assemble if clamp fixing. If grommit fixing, furniture assembly experience is required, as a hole needs to be drilled in the desk for mounting.