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a)  Legal and beneficial ownership of the goods will not pass to the Customer until such time as the goods have been paid for in full.


b)  Until payment of all debts owing to the Supplier by the Customer, the Supplier may, at it's discretion, without further notice and without prejudice to any other of it's rights, including rights arising under Chapter 4 of the PPSA, re-take possession of the goods and re-sell them or any of them and may enter upon any of the Customer's premises by it's servants or agents, for that purpose, without liability on the part of the Supplier for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of such entry or re-taking of possession and the Customer hereby agrees to provide the Supplier with an irrevocable license to so enter any premises occupied by the Customer if :

(i)  There is a breach of any term of any contract between the Supplier and the Customer; or

(ii)  The customer has provided any false or misleading information to the Supplier including information set out in any application for credit or to open an account with the supplier; or

(iii)  The Customer commences to be wound up or is placed in liquidation, under official management or a receiver or a receiver and manager or voluntary administrator is appointed in respect of the Customer, it's undertaking or property or any part thereof, or an encumbrancer, by itself or an agent, takes or purports to take possession of the Customers undertaking or property or any part thereof; or

(iv)  The Customer parts with possession of the goods or any of them otherwise than by way of sale in the ordinary course of it's business.