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Product Warranty

a)  All products supplied are covered by a commercial use warranty. Refer to each products warranty on each individual products page on our web site.


b)  A products warranty will become void if :

(i)  The product has been modified, in any way, or

(ii)  The product has been installed incorrectly, by the customer, or

(iii)  The product has been relocated, from the premises that the items were originally installed, to another premises, by anyone other than Only Office Furniture, or

(iv)  Only Office Furniture has the reason to believe that this policy is being abused, or, not being made in good faith, for whatever reason. Only Office Furniture's decision is final.


c)  If a product is not performing in the way that it is designed to, or is not structurally sound,

(i)  The product will be replaced by Only Office Furniture, at no expense to the customer.

(ii)  The faulty part may be replaced, as opposed to the entire product 

(iii)  No financial reimbursement or refund will be made. Our warranty will only cover product or faulty part replacement.


d)  The customer may be asked to provide a photo of the damage or faulty part.


e)  Any damages due to normal wear & tear, is not covered by our product warranties.


f)  Only Office Furniture is not liable, in any way way, for products that have sustained water damage, once installed.




In Conclusion :

: Only Office Furniture will certainly replace any product or faulty part, that is not performing the way that it is meant to, whilst that product is under warranty.

: The customer will never pay, in any way, for the replacement of a defective product or faulty part, whilst the product is under warranty.

:  We are not responsible for products that have sustained water damage, or have been assembled, by the customer, incorrectly.