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Product Replacement Policy 

a)  Only Office Furniture will replace any goods that are damaged on delivery, defective, or not in accordance with the customer's order at the supplier's expense, provided that :

(i)  The customer notifies Only Office Furniture of the purchase order number, and these issues are raised with the supplier within 30 days of the date of delivery of the goods.

(ii)  The goods are defective, but still under warranty.

(iii)  The customer provides the supplier with the customer's purchase order number, in respect of the goods to be replaced, and the address for replacement is the same, as the address on the order, or the same as where the furniture picked up, and taken by the customer originally.

(iv)  The goods have not been installed incorrectly by the customer, modified by the customer or damaged by the customer.

(v)  Any replacements required by the customer are subject to assessment by Only Office Furniture.

(vi)  The customer sends photos of damaged products through to, if asked.


b) Only Office Furniture, if permitted by the Australian Consumer Law, or any other relevant law, may refuse to accept the replacement of the goods at its sole discretion.


In Conclusion :

: Any products, delivered, or delivered and installed by Only Office Furniture, that are damaged or defective, will be replaced as soon as possible.

: Any products that have been picked up from 1 of our warehouses, by the customer, that deems there to be damage or defect in our product/s, will have the product replaced, as soon as possible, at Only Office Furniture's expense.

: If a product is moved, by the customer, or a third party hired by the customer, from the original location, to another location, any warranties are void. Please ask Only Office Furniture for a quote to move your assembled products. This will maintain your warranty.