Collecting Your Order, Yourself.

a)  A Customer can collect their purchase direct from our suppliers warehouse provided that,

(i)  The purchase has been processed, and payment has been received into our bank account, or payment terms have been approved by Only Office Furniture. Payment can not be made at any of the warehouses.

(ii)  They show their tax receipt, to the dispatch clerk, as proof of purchase.

(iii) The items are boxed. Only Office Furniture will not assemble items at the warehouse, for collection.


b)  The customer is responsible for checking that they have collected/loaded each piece of their order from dispatch. Each box is clearly marked. Some products have multiple boxes, and they are marked such as box 1 of 3, box 2 of 3, etc.


c)  The customer or whoever is assigned the task to collect the goods on behalf of the Customer, will sign for their goods at dispatch, once collected/loaded. Once goods are signed for, Only Office Furniture is not responsible for any cartons/boxes that may be missing from your collection. 


d)  Only Office Furniture will not assume any responsibility regarding any damages made to your car, or any other private property, belonging to the Customer or person collecting, or any injury sustained by the Customer or person collecting, whilst collecting an order from the warehouse.


e) Only Office Furniture is not responsible or liable, in any way, for goods that have been damaged by the Customer, including, but not limited to, the loading of our products into the Customers vehicle or the transportation of our products or during the unloading of our products. Nor is Only Office Furniture liable for any personal injuries, to the Customer or individuals assigned by the customer, to help load or unload their vehicle, that are encountered during these processes.


In Conclusion :

When collecting yourself from our suppliers, you, the Customer, are responsible for making sure that you collect the entire order. All of the boxes are marked. 

:  Commercial office furniture is heavy. Our staff are trained to deliver it, in our trucks, that are designed to carry it. It is not advisable to collect any purchases yourself, unless you have experience in the office furniture industry.