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Purchase Orders

If your business orders their products via a purchase order, simply email your order through to us at sales@onlyofficefurn.com . Once received, we will incorporate your purchase order no. onto our invoice, to make it easy for you to match up in your accounts department.

In some cases, it may benefit you to email us a list of products that you require, so that we can generate a quote for you, to assist in getting your purchase order going.

Once your order has been processed, we are happy for you to enter the invoice into your companies system for payment, provided that your companies payment terms are clearly marked on your purchase order.


Becoming a preferred supplier

Does your business require us to become a preferred supplier, prior to placing an order? If so, simply email your companies documents through to us at sales@onlyofficefurn.com . We have all of the necessary documents ready to send through to you, in order to make this a quick and easy process.