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Height Adjustable Desks


Rapid Span Electric Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Open Workstations

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Rapid Span Range Electric Height Adjustable Corner Desks

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Rapid Surge Height Adjustable Straight Desk

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Triumph Manual Height Adjustable Straight Desk

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Rapid Riser

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Create greater comfort at work, with our height adjustable desk options. Choose between manual wind up or push button electric. Compare our prices and save.

The standard height for commercial office desks is 730 mm. This has been the standard for many years, and it is based on averages, meaning that this height will serve the majority of operators, and therefore will sell the best. You can't have them higher, because shorter people will have to raise their chair to the point where they can't touch the floor. You can't make them lower, because taller people will have to lower their chairs beyond comfortable levels. So what is the solution?

Enter the height adjustable desk. No more standard heights. The standard, is now wherever you set it. Operators shorter in stature can now lower their desk to a more suitable / comfortable height, and be able to sit on your chair properly, with your feet flat on the ground. No more foot stools. No more sore calf muscles. Perfect chair posture. Operators taller in stature can raise their height adjustable desk to a suitable / comfortable height. No more crouching down. Perfect chair posture. What does suitable and comfortable add up to?

Greater productivity. Height adjustable desks offer operators more comfort, which adds up to happier staff, and happier staff create greater productivity. Operators are at their desks for 8 hours a day on average. Does it not make sense to be as comfortable as possible during that period? Office chairs have been fully ergonomic for a long time, and they are much needed, because adjustments in every way are necessary, when your sitting at a desk that is not exactly the correct height for you. What are some of the downsides to not having the correct desk for you? 

A lot of operators have sore shoulders and necks. Chairs are commonly blamed for these ailments. It's not the chairs guys. You are looking down at your computer screen. You need to be sitting up straight, in order to be seated for 8 hours a day. in conjunction, you must be looking straight at the centre of your computer screen. If you are looking down, you will get a sore neck over time, and you will also begin to hunch, which in turn will give you sore shoulders. This bad posture will lead to a sore upper back if you do not take action to resolve your posture. Laptop computers are becoming more popular, and one of the reasons is that you become mobile. A major problem with laptops is that operators are looking down at them on their desks. So what is the solution?

Add a height adjustable desk option. Whether you have a laptop or desk top computer, the rapid riser will solve this issue. It can be added to your existing desk, and will adjust to suit you perfectly whether sitting or standing. If you have a desk top computer, then a height adjustable monitor arm is another option that will set your computer screen to the perfect height for you.


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