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Articles for tips on buying office furniture.

Get hints and tips on purchasing office furniture by browsing through our articles. Updated regularly, these articles will help increase your chance of success

Office furniture online pros and cons image
Buying furniture online - The pros and cons
Posted on 22 Dec 2016

Read this article to find out the pro's and cons of buying furniture online for your office.

I've placed my order, what happens next?
Posted on 14 Jun 2015
Rapid Manager Range Credenza Desk
Credenza's : A Class of Their Own.
Posted on 23 Apr 2015
Credenza's : Read this Article to find out what it is that sets them apart from other storage units.
What is Melamine Board?
Posted on 14 Apr 2015
To find out the facts on Melamine Board, read on.
What is Anti -Tilt Locking?
Posted on 14 Apr 2015
To find out about Anti-Tilt Locking for Filing Cabinets, and why it is recommended, read on.
Ball Bearing Drawer Slides used on all of our filing cabinets
Why Ball Bearing Runners?
Posted on 14 Apr 2015
Read on to find out more about Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.
Choosing the Right Workstation Furniture
Posted on 05 Feb 2015
Are you setting up a new office space? If so, you will need to consider how you will set up the office space and the work stations designs that you will you use. This article can provide some helpful ideas for setting up workstations in new offices.
Meeting Chairs
Choosing Office Chairs that are Practical for Employees and Clients
Posted on 29 Jan 2015
How much should you spend on seating for offices? Is it better to purchase cheap plastic chairs or expensive lounge chairs for your reception area? Before you purchase office chairs, you need to consider the needs of the individuals who will be sitting on those chairs. Read this article about how you can successfully choose practical seating for your office.
Office Furniture for Home Businesses
Posted on 27 Dec 2014
Are you starting up a new home business? When you start working from home you need to setup your home office with storage facilities, comfortable seating and spacious work desks. Read more about office furniture business today.
Ideas to Save Space in Offices
Posted on 17 Dec 2014

It is very common for businesses to grow in size over time as these businesses grow, the office space needs to be utilised effectively. Read this article for practical space saving tips to conserve office space.

Workplace Health and Safety Tips for Offices
Posted on 08 Dec 2014

Throughout Australia, there are many Government guidelines and laws to ensure that the workplace is safe. When you are choosing furniture for your office you need to consider workplace health and safety. Find some helpful workplace health and safety tips here.

Invest in Whiteboards, Pin Boards and Freestanding Screens
Posted on 01 Dec 2014
Have you considered investing in a whiteboard, pin board or another free standing screen? Read about the benefits of these office items.
High quality commercial furniture for sale
Posted on 17 Oct 2014
There are three specific things that will make your commercial furniture professional. Read more here about what you need to know when you choose quality office furniture.
Clerical chairs
Tips for Choosing Ergonomic Office Chairs and Office Desks
Posted on 30 Sep 2014
Setups to Choose: Cubicles vs Open Plan Offices
Posted on 07 Aug 2014
What is the best way to set up open plan offices? It has been found that the ability to walk over and talk to the team about a project is not ideal if the area includes a person not on the team that has work to do. Interrupting work efficiency has resulted in changes that provide small semi-open areas to gather for one-on-one discussions or as a place to get away from distraction.
Choosing Executive Furniture
Posted on 29 Jul 2014
Choosing the right executive office furniture can make your office stand out from the rest. High quality executive furniture also offers you form, function and stunning design. If you want to choose pieces of furniture that make a statement, follow these essential tips
Choosing the Right Desk for You
Posted on 04 Jul 2014

Choosing the Right Desk for You

When it’s time to purchase a desk for your office, take your time and make the right decision for your needs. With many office desks to choose from, finding the perfect desk can be difficult. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you choose the right desk for you.

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