Workplace Health and Safety Tips for Offices

08 Dec 2014

Office Workplace Health and Safety Tips

Office furniture should always be safe and ergonomic for workers to use as it reduces the possibilities of accidents, fire and injuries. With the majority of employees spending most of their week at the office, the furniture they use should be comfortable and aid in productivity. So if you are evaluating your office furniture, here are some tips to consider:

1. Office work space should be spacious enough for workers to comfortably work. Cramped spaces lead to body aches and sprains. The desk should have sufficient space for all the worker’s devices. Insufficient work space only leads to problems like musculoskeletal disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Ergonomic furniture is not only comfortable, but also relaxing. It provides sufficient support to the legs and back, and is properly balanced and resistant to tipping over. The chair should have comfortable armrests and be easy to move around while working. Office chairs and desks should also be at a comfortable height for users.

3. Furniture with toxic products like formaldehyde increases the office toxicity levels. Avoid paints containing lead and other toxins. Be certain that the chosen commercial furniture Brisbane is fireproof and flame-retardant.

4. Furniture adjustability is as important as safety. All your employees should be able to adjust furniture according to their personal requirements. Adjustable chairs and tables are better for busy offices. Even furniture with adjustable armrests is beneficial because it reduces fatigue in the wrists and muscles in the arms.

5. Periodically check office furniture for signs of loose bolts, screws, cracks and other signs of damage since employees who unknowingly use such damaged furniture may be seriously injured. For example, bookshelves should be sturdy and preferably fastened to the wall to prevent possible collapse.

By following these office furniture Queensland health and safety tips, your workplace will definitely be a better place to work in.