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Setups to Choose: Cubicles vs Open Plan Offices

07 Aug 2014

What is the best way to set up open plan offices? It has been found that the ability to walk over and talk to the team about a project is not ideal if the area includes a person not on the team that has work to do. Interrupting work efficiency has resulted in changes that provide small semi-open areas to gather for one-on-one discussions or as a place to get away from distraction.

Workstations in shared cubicles share the same problem at times. It is easier to resolve the situation with a vertical half-wall to reduce noise from one side to another than it is to design an oval getaway with a rounded seat and central desk.

Office furniture is undergoing a metamorphosis where desks, chairs, tables, bookshelves and separating walls are designed to match to and sometimes join with one another. Lowering a desk that is too high can be as simple as lifting the brackets holding the slab and dropping it a notch.
A variety of chairs include different styles of legs and frames, depending on their intended use. File cabinets escape the steel or aluminum casing, made instead of the same material as the desktop and hanging in an accessible position for the person sitting in that area.

There are pros and cons for both cubicles and open plan offices. Having office furniture available to take care of either option is a benefit that will sooth the ruffled feathers of employees and staff members who may not be pleased with the change.