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I've placed my order, what happens next?

14 Jun 2015

     Once you have placed your order, it automatically is sent to our sales department for processing. In this article i will explain the processing order.

We Check Stock.

     The first step of processing your office furniture order is to check stock levels in our system.

We check to see if we can deliver your office furniture as per your request.

     There are 2 different types of deliveries for us. Those that require assembly, and those that only require boxed deliveries. As long as we have the stock, boxed deliveries are always available within 48 hours of placing your order. We always have trucks on the road that only deliver boxed items. However our assembled deliveries can take 2 or 3 days longer. These deliveries are done by our installation teams, and they can be booked solid for a week in advance.

Your order is logged in for delivery.

     As long as we have your stock, and we can deliver on your requested day, your delivery is logged in.

What if we don't have items in stock?

     If there are items from your order that we do not have in stock, the processing goes on hold, and we send you an email advising you of what is missing, and when it will arrive into our stock. This email will also include possible solutions such as changing the delivery date or delivering the majority of goods as per your request, and then delivering the rest when it arrives to us. We will then wait to receive an email back from you advising us of what you would like us to do next.

What if we can't deliver on your requested day?

     Same as above. The processing will go on hold, and you will receive an email with some alternative dates for delivery. We will then wait to hear back from you regarding how you would like us to proceed.

     The Final step of processing your order is taking payment. There is another article just on this topic. Should you require further information about our processing procedures, just fill out our enquiries form, and a sales representative will respond to you generally within 30 minutes during business hours.