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Invest in Whiteboards, Pin Boards and Freestanding Screens

01 Dec 2014


Usually, when many Australian workers think about office furniture, they mostly buy big ticket items such as chairs, desks, file cabinets, pedestals and other types of office furniture. Queensland workers are no exception when it comes to this way of thinking. However, there are other office items that can not only make your job easier because they are useful, but they can also help to organize your workspace and even your workload. They can even make your office look better in the process.

You will certainly find that this is true when it comes to the following list of office furniture. Brisbane workers are also prone to overlooking these items when shopping for office furniture, but you will find that they provide many benefits:


Who has not ever come up with a brilliant idea, but needed a central location to list and store them? Not only does a whiteboard give you this option, but you can keep all of your thoughts in one place and even erase them whenever they no longer serve a purpose. Most importantly, you don’t have to accumulate a stack of hand written sticky notes. Thus, whiteboards allow you to list, organize and modify your thoughts. Plus, they help you to save paper in the long run.

Pin Boards

Using pin boards is also a smart way to list and organize your thoughts. If you must use sticky notes to list your ideas, then a pin board is a good place to organize and store them. Or, maybe you are the type of person who likes to pick up business cards and client brochures. This is a good way to visualize what is going on with your workload, but do it all in one location. Maybe there is an ongoing project, but you want to see everything all at one time. A pin board is a flexible and easy way to accomplish this.

Free Standing Screens

Free standing screens can serve more than one purpose. They too make it possible to list and store your thoughts. Depending on the screen’s material, you can also use it as a pin board. However, free standing screens can add a decorative touch to the office. In addition, they can serve to section off certain office spaces and allow for employee privacy. This is something to consider if your office has a large amount of square footage, and it is within a loft or warehouse environment.

As you can see, investing in whiteboards, pin boards and free standing screens is a great idea. It makes it easy for you to organise and differentiate your ideas and workspace. Be smart and do not ignore them when shopping for office furniture.