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Credenza's : A Class of Their Own.

23 Apr 2015


   Actually named "Credenza Desks", are desk returns that double as storage cupboards. It's these two major uses, out of one cabinet, that places Credenza's in a class of their own among storage cabinets.

     In this article, i will cover their popular office uses and main features. 


Popular uses include :

: Desk Returns

     With easy access to storage, plus the extra desk space, credenzas are unrivaled as desk returns. They are 730mm high overall once built, making them the same height as our desks, and they are available in all of the same color choices. We stock them in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm wide. ( not all sizes are available in all categories ).


: Adding a Desk Hutch

     Create the classic credenza and Hutch by mounting a desk hutch on top. Desk Hutches come in the same widths and are available in all of the same color combinations.

                                                                                Rapid Manager Range Credenza and Hutch

: Kitchen Pantries

     Added to the office kitchen will create an additional pantry cupboard. Commonly used to store cups, tea and coffee whilst the kettle or coffee machine sits on top.


: TV Cabinet

Commonly found in boardrooms for housing large televisions. The storage underneath is good for documents pertaining to the meetings.


Their Main Features Include :

: Security

     Our Credenza's are all locking and come with Two keys each. Great for easily locking away any personal items or confidential documents.


: removable shelves

     Each unit comes with two shelves, one each side of the central divider, which can be removed should you require to store large items. They are also height adjustable for storing items of different sizes.

                                                                            Rapid Span Range Credenza Showing the lock, the sliding doors and the height adjustable shelves


: Sliding Doors

     This space saving feature is a major requirement when used as a desk return because the doors don't open outward onto you. Therefore, you have easy access to your stored items from your seat. ( this feature also makes Credenza's work well in other areas such as aisle ways or kitchenettes.


Summing Up

     Credenza's are a versatile storage unit. they can be added to your office later, as and when they are required. Their multiple uses is what makes them stand alone in the timber storage category.