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Choosing the Right Workstation Furniture

05 Feb 2015

Whether employees are assigned to work in a cubicle or in a private office, it is important to make sure that the choice of furniture is both visually appealing and functional. This is particularly important when choosing desks for those spaces. Here are some tips that will help.

For Cubicles

With many cubicle designs, the office desks Brisbane are included in the overall pattern. When this is the case, the goal is to make sure the arrangement of drawers and storage areas are within easy reach of the employee. For example, choose a design that makes it easy to position drawers for files based on whether the employee is right handed or left handed. It also helps to make sure the desk design includes enough space for the computer that the employee will use. If additional equipment like scanners or printers are part of the setup, make sure they can be reached without having to get out of the chair.

For Private Offices

Always make sure the desk is the ideal height for performing essential tasks. The desktop must include enough room for all essential equipment without looking cluttered. If the office happens to be a shared space, it never hurts to consider the possibility of using corner desks as part of the layout. As long as each employee has adequate space to work without feeling cramped, they will work just fine.  Keep in mind there is no one perfect solution when purchasing office desks. Consider the spaces where those desks will be placed, and what function they will provide in the office. This will make it much easier to match the desk designs with the needs of the employees, and ensure that those workstations are exactly what is required to keep the office moving along at a productive pace.