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Choosing Office Chairs that are Practical for Employees and Clients

29 Jan 2015

When it comes to setting up an office space that is truly functional, it pays to spend some time selecting the right office furniture . In particular, spend time finding the ideal chairs for use in different areas of the office. By keeping the needs of employees and visiting customers in mind, it will be all the easier to decide if a specific office chair design is required.

Chairs for Staff Members

For employees, comfort and proper support is essential when choosing office chairs. Since those chairs will be occupied for most of the working day, they need to include enough padding to ensure that things do not get uncomfortable. The chair design should also make it very easy to adjust the height and not obstruct the ability to support the arms while typing on a computer keyboard. Always make sure the chairs have excellent back support, since this will make it all the easier for employees to focus on tasks and not begin to feel fatigued as the result of pain in the lower back.

Chairs for Clients

When clients come to visit, they must be made comfortable. That begins with seating options in the reception area that provide the right mixture of support and cushioning. Opt for upholstery that is easy to keep clean and will wear well.

For the conference room, ensure that the chairs are also designed to provide plenty of support during business meetings. Clients should be able to move freely and also have the chair at the perfect height for making notes or consulting documents placed in front of them on the conference table. As with the reception area furniture, make sure that the chairs are covered in a material that is easy to clean and appealing to the touch. 

The right office chairs Brisbane will do more than make the office look great. It will also provide real value for staff and clients alike. Choose wisely, and you will not have to purchase new furnishings for many years to come.