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Buying furniture online - The pros and cons

22 Dec 2016
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Buying furniture online - The Pros and Cons.

Buying furniture online for your office will save you money, there's no doubt about it. Brick and mortar stores just can't compete with online prices due to their overheads such as rent, electricity, staff wages and insurances, which are all overheads that online stores do not have.

We are an online retailer that supplies business furniture. What we do is make sure we pass the overheads savings on to our customers. The only difficulty now is when you shop online, especially for furniture, you must have some knowledge of the products you are buying, rather than rely on an in store salesman to guide you.

Now let's have a look at the pros and cons of buying furniture online.

The pros

  • Cheaper prices.
  • Everybody gets the same deal, all prices are the same for everyone.
  • We are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There is no dress code.
  • You let your fingers do the walking, no car needed, no worries about parking.
  • You cannot fall victim to salesman tactics.
  • There are no crowds to deal with.
  • There are a lot more choices. Brick and mortar stores only house what sells the most.
  • You can still talk with an online representative should you require assistance. (We will still visit your site and help you measure up if you require that service)

The cons, and how we deal with them.

  • Matching colours is difficult without being able to cross check a colour sample (we allow potential customers to visit our storage facility locations by appointment, where we have items showcasing all of our colours on display). 
  • You cannot check the quality of furniture you are purchasing (if you are able to visit one of our warehouse locations, we can show you the quality of the product you wish to purchase up close and personal. If you are not able to visit, all of our products have very long commercial warranties, so if you have any issue with the quality in the years to come, we will replace your item/s).
  • Entering credit card details into a website for the first time is a potential hazard. ( Norton security have a good article called "10 signs that an online shopping site is secure"Alternatively, we offer direct deposit into our account).
  • Not having the same person to deal with when there is a problem. (This is a feature that we are very proud of. It's true, that when you visit different websites, and want to discuss something with an actual person, it is difficult. We make this issue very simple. You will only deal with the owner of the business when you have an issue. The mobile phone number 1300 190 403 on the enquiries page, belongs to Richard Tookarchi, our founder and owner. He loves serving customers, and is there to help at any time on any day).
  • It's easier to return something to a brick and mortar store, than it is to an online store. (Our returns policy is the same as any brick and mortar store that deals with office furniture. If you purchase something from a physical store, you have to take it back yourself, we are no different).
  • You can't haggle with a salesperson for a better deal. (We treat all of our customers the same. We were not always a solely online store. We had a retail outlet in Margate 4017. When we had that store, even then we treated all of our customers the same, with the same discounts on the same items. This way everybody gets the same deal).

The Outcome

If you know the products you want, and you are happy with our terms and conditions, then you are ready to purchase our business furniture online. Purchasing this way will definitely save you 10% to 20% which can convert to thousands when your fitting out an office. If you are unsure about using us, you can always Google reviews about our products and services. Customers can always lave bad reviews online if there are any.

If you do not know the products you are wanting to purchase, then you are better off to talk with a professional first. Some retail outlet have professional sales people working there that will guide you in the right direction. We offer "free" site visits as a service which gives you the same outcome, only the same furniture is cheaper.

Repairs and services are sometimes required, and in this instance it may be easier to take the item back to the store. We will come to your site and service/replace any items that require it under warranty. This saves you time and allows you to stay focused on your tasks at hand.

The bottom line is that purchasing online is cheaper. We offer all of the services, but more of the products as brick and mortar stores do. You can contact the business owner any time on 0421 690 562 if you have any questions regarding our products and services. When was the last time you shopped for anything in a brick and mortar store and spoke with the actual founder/owner? 

Shopping in store has no advantages over shopping online, but, online have many advantages over the physical stores beginning and ending with the bottom line.


We hope you enjoy shopping for business furniture online with us, let us know if we can be of further assistance regarding this matter in any way.