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Rapid Worker Stationery Cabinets

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Rapid worker range stationery cabinets are commonly used to store a wide variety of products in an office, ranging from stationery to uniforms to private files that must be stored under lock and key. They are available in Beech or Cherry over Ironstone.

Their features include :

All Rapid Worker Range Stationery cabinets have 18 mm thick sides, back panels & doors with 3 x height adjustable shelves & 1 x fixed structural shelf.

Their overall dimensions are :

: 1800 high x 900 wide x 450 deep. 

The rapid worker full door stationery cabinet come in 2 boxes. Their dimensions are :

box 1 - 1790 mm long x 931 mm wide x 68 mm high x 60 kg's x 0.11 cbm

box 2 - 1020 mm long x 510 mm wide x 125 mm high x 33 kg's x 0.065 cbm