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Rapid Vibe Range Fixed Drawers

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Rapid vibe range fixed pedestals are an easy addition to the underside of any rapid vibe desk. They fit to the left or right hand side. They come with a "5 Year" commercial use warranty.

They are available as a 3 x box drawer unit, which is locking, and comes with 2 x keys per unit, finished in all grey.

3 drawer fixed - 465 mm wide x 447 mm deep x 454 mm high

1 drawer fixed - 465 mm wide x 447 mm deep x 152 mm high

  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Time required - 20 minutes
  • Tools recommended - Cordless Drill (with phillips head bit)

Summary - Fixed drawers come fully assembled in the box, you only need to turn the handles around. They are much easier to fit when the desk is upside down. If the desk is upright, you may need a second person to hold it in position whilst you tighten the 4 screws. If you don't have a cordless drill, then a phillips head screw driver will still do the job easily, but will double the assembly time required. The holes are pre-drilled with nut inserts, on all desks and returns, from the rapid vibe range. 

Recommendations - Easy to do yourself if installing while the desk is upside down.