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Operator Chairs


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Browse & shop from our selection of commercial gas lift operator chairs. Discover each chairs features & suitability for your needs. Priced to suit every budget.


What is an operator chair?

Operator chairs are a commercial grade, gas lift & swivel office chair. They are a combination of task chairs & clerical chairs. (clerical chairs come with arms, while task chairs do not). They classically have upholstered cushioned seats and back rests. They are adjustable in many different ways so that matching chairs can be suitable for all body shapes and sizes.

Operator chairs can be used at any office desk, and are commonly used in general office areas, and at workstation clusters.


Features to look for

Operator chairs come with a whole range of different features. Some of the standard features include :

: a second lever, for adjusting back angle. This is important for keeping you supported, regardless of what angle you like to sit at.

: a third lever, for adjusting base tilt. Some operators prefer their chair base to tilt slightly forward, which makes it easier to stand up. Taller operators like their base to tilt backward, which enables them to be supported, whilst still having their feet resting flat on the floor.

: a height adjustable backrest. This is important, because you want the lumbar support in each backrest fitted right into your lumbar, for maximum support over 8 hours

: a fourth lever, for adjusting base slide. Some chairs enable you to slide the base forward, which is crucial for supporting those with longer legs, as it keeps the front edge of the chair, below your knee joints.

: height adjustable arms. Some operator chairs come with height adjustable arms fitted standard. Alternatively we do have them available to be purchased separately, if required.

: weight ratings. Each of our operator chairs has it's own weight rating. This rating can also be used as a guide, as to what chairs are going to support you the best.

afrdi level 6 certified. Chairs that have been afrdi certified, have been tested, to be able to withstand heavy duty use. This type of chair would be suitable to a 4 hour call centre, where it is being used, 24 hours a day.