Shop for all of your offices seating requirements online with Only Office. Our chairs are commercial grade. They are made to keep you seated comfortably for 8 hours a day. Categories include Operator, Mesh Back, Executive, Meeting & Visitor chairs.

Furniture is undoubtedly a very important part of being able to successfully run your business. Something as seemingly unimportant as the variety of chairs that fit out your work place can have a significant impact on the way in which your staff work. Consider this: Your office is fitted with a number of cheap chairs that break easily and are slowly falling apart – Not only would this pose as a health risk for your staff but it would also be a huge nuisance and would be cause for much complaint amongst your employees.

There is nothing worse than spending a full day sat at your desk trying to work with  uncomfortable seating, that can’t be set at the right height due to a faulty hydraulic. This is the sort of common issue that will undoubtedly render your employees frustrated and in poor morale – it is important to exercise a little empathy for your staff. 

This is why it is paramount that you invest in quality seating, that is not only comfortable and of a high quality, but safe as well. Ultimately if you try to cut corners and save as much money as possible you will end up having to pay more in the long run. And that’s not just financially but also through the loss of time that will be wasted on dealing with repairing and replacing your faulty seating, and dealing with staff grievances.

Pay a little more now on quality ergonomic chairs and make savings in the long run

Only Office provides a large variety of high quality seating for you to choose from so there is certainly no shortage of options; from leather sofa’s for your office waiting area, quality stackable chairs and leather ergonomic chairs with adjustable height arm rests. 

Have a browse through our fine selection and see if there is something to suit your needs. It is better to pay the extra bit of cash for furniture that will serve your staff well and last a long time, as opposed to skimping on quality and saving yourself a bit of money in the short-term – Your staff are ultimately the backbone of your business so by investing in their well-being you will be preserving the overall health of your business as well!

Take the Kal Task Promesh High Back Office Chair for example : This chair is heavy duty and entirely ergonomic and is designed to offer the ultimate support for its user. Your employees will be much more comfortable working away on a chair with high back support and arm rests; especially when being seated for long periods of time.

Not only is it important to supply your employees with quality seating, but your customers also; especially in an environment where your customers may be seated in a waiting area for longer than 15 minutes. A top quality range of waiting rooms chairs will not only add a sense of value to your business, but it will have a lasting effect on the way that they remember their experience in your establishment.

Feel free to contact us during business hours, if you have any questions regarding our office seating.