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Rapid Vibe Range Reception Hobs

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The rapid vibe reception hobs can be added to any desk from the vibe range to create a reception counter. It is only available in the 1800 wide. This hob comes with a "5 Year" commercial use warranty.

Choose from natural white or grey.

The rapid vibe reception hob overall dimensions are :

: 1800 mm wide x 350 mm deep x 400 mm high.

  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Time required - 20 minutes
  • Tools recommended - Cordless Drill (with phillips head bit)

Summary - All holes are pre threaded & drilled on the hob, to make self assembly easy. However, their are angle brackets that are used to fix this item down, to the desk. These brackets are fitted via self tapping screws, with no pre drilled holes. If you don't have a cordless drill, then a phillips head screw driver will still do the job easily, but will double the assembly time required.

Recommendations - Easy to do yourself, if you have the time to assemble.

Purchased Mar, 2020

Sarah, Rossmore

Purchased Jul, 2017

Amanda, Narangba