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Rapid Infinity Desk Mounted Return Screens

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Rapid infinity desk mounted return screens are a simple solution, for adding privacy between operators. These screens will screw down onto any of our desks, that are at least 700 mm deep. They are finished in a black fabric upholstery.

Their features include :

  • Fits between operators, in any position (provided desk is at least 700 mm deep)
  • 5 year commercial use warranty

Rapid infinity return screen overall dimensions are :

: 350 mm high x 690 mm wide x 20 mm thick.

  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Time required - 15 minutes
  • Tools recommended - Cordless drill (with phillips head tip), tape measure

Summary - Unpack screens and clamps. Screw clamps directly onto desk top, where you would like the screen to be mounted, (use tape measure here to ensure correct placement). Place the screen into the clamps. Tighten clamps with allen key (provided).

Recommendations - Easy to do yourself, for those with furniture assembly experience.