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Go Steel Range Heavy Duty Upright Filing Cabinets

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Go Steel Range Lateral Filing Cabinets

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Filing Cabinet from the Rapid Worker Range in Cherry over Ironstone

Rapid Worker Filing Cabinets

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Filing Cabinet from the Rapid Manager Range in Appletree

Rapid Manager Range Filing Cabinet

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Keep your files in order with our filing cabinets. Their features include ball bearing runners, anti-tilt locking, 2 keys each, long warranties and are built to last.

An office is not so dissimilar to a car, and organisation is the fuel that keeps the motor ticking over. Without any means of keeping your business organised it will inevitably come to a stand-still. Sure, you could always get out and walk, and while you will arrive at your destination eventually all of your competition will have over-taken you. So if you want to maintain a steady speed and cruise your way down the road of success you’re going to need a bigger engine!

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Organisation is irrefutably the backbone of any business and it even starts off as small as encouraging your employees to maintain a daily work diary. Another way to keep everything in check is to host regular morning meetings so that your entire team is up to date with the essential information and you, the employer can allocate various tasks and resources as required.

And then of course we have ye old faithful: the filing system. There is one thing in business that is almost certainly never going away and that is paperwork. There is simply so much to take into consideration: from accounting, human resources, sales to marketing – paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. One of the biggest mistakes that any business can all too easily make is to allow their paperwork to fall into disorganisation and chaos.

Like a pile of dirty dishes that just keeps getting bigger and bigger; the task of getting everything back in order becomes more daunting and before you know it you’re drinking coffee out of a gravy jug and eating your breakfast off an old shoebox fashioned into a cardboard plate. So I’ll admit that that analogy may come across as a little dramatic but the sentiment rings true all the same – staying on top of your organisation in the work place is the key to a successful, healthy and streamlined business.

At Only Office Furniture we offer a wide variety of filing cabinets that come in all manner of shapes and sizes so you’ll be sure to find the right style to suit your office décor. Take for example our Go Steel Range Lateral Filing Cabinets: They are only 473mm deep which makes them perfect in areas such as aisle ways or other tighter spaces and yet what they lack in depth they make up for in width. Not only that but if you notice the way in which they have been arranged; this ascending order allows them to fit perfectly under a staircase. It is vastly important to utilise every square meter of space in your office to your full advantage which is why using the less practical areas to store filing cabinets is such an excellent idea.

So have a browse through our fine selection and make your decision today! We offer significant savings on bulk orders with rapid delivery and up to a whopping 10 years commercial warranty too. Keep all of your important documents under lock and key in a tight and tidy organisational system and you will be able to rest easy knowing that you’re on top of everything

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