Rapid Vibe Range Straight Desks

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Rapid vibe range straight desks are a standard, sturdy office desk, used in general office spaces. They are available in 4 sizes, starting at only $98.00 ea.

What are their features?

Rapid vibe range straight desks are finished in either natural white or grey. These 2 colours have dominated government fit outs for over 20 years. They are assembled using a strong cam and pin construction. They have external bolts through the gables into the modesty panel. This means that you can move the desk around fully loaded, without losing strength in its legs. They are fitted with 2 x 80 mm cable hole entries, (except for the 900 mm x 600 mm, which has only 1 x 60 mm cable entry hole fitted centrally). Mobile drawer units fit snugly beneath the desk, as they have a space of 705 mm from the floor to the underside of the desk. Fixed pedestals, can be fitted easily into pre drilled holes, on the left or right hand side of the desk. You can easily expand your desk space with a 900 mm x 600 mm rapid vibe desk return, that can be added to the left or right hand side. These desks come with a 5 year commercial use warranty

What are their disadvantages?

Their disadvantages are that they only come in 4 different sizes, and 2 colours. Their commercial look restricts them to professional business use. The larger sizes require at least 2 people to move them into position, once assembled. The larger sizes are expensive to ship via courier to remote locations

Summing Up

Rapid vibe range straight desks, are an affordable, commercial grade straight desk. They are available off the shelf in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. They automatically give you a professional look. They are well built, so will stand the test of time. They are easy to assemble yourself, which can save you money on the assembly fee, and they are affordable, starting at only $116.00 each. These straight office desks, will get the job done.

What sizes are they available in?

The rapid vibe straight desks overall dimensions are :

: 900 mm wide x 600 mm deep x 730 mm high

: 1200 mm wide x 600 mm deep x 730 mm high 

: 1500 mm wide x 750 mm deep x 730 mm high 

: 1800 mm wide x 900 mm deep x 730 mm high 

Self assembly info

  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Time required - 20 minutes
  • Tools recommended - Cordless Drill (with phillips head bit), second person for the larger sizes.


All holes are pre threaded & drilled to make self assembly easy. If you don't have a cordless drill, then a phillips head screw driver will still do the job easily, but will double the assembly time required. Easy to assemble yourself, if you have the time.


Straight desks are easier to build upside down, on a clean surface. If building upside down, a second person will make it easier to turn the desk over onto it's feet, and to put it into position, (especially for the larger desks).

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