Rapid Span Electric Height Adjustable Straight Desks

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Sit or stand at your leisure with rapid span electric height adjustable straight desks. Choose from 6 colour combinations, and 3 sizes. Suitable for all offices.

What are their features?

Rapid span electric height adjustable straight desks are fully ergonomic. Fitted with an easy up and down electric push button control, their height ranges from 685 mm to 1205 mm. They have a lifting capacity of 100 kg's, and come with a 5 year commercial use warranty.

What are their disadvantages?

Their colours are limited. They are only available with beech or natural white tops, over white, black, or precious silver frames.

Summing Up

Rapid span electric height adjustable straight desks are an affordable way to fit out your office space, with sit stand desks. Pair them up with one of our anti-fatigue mats, and get a foot massage while you stand. These desks are available off the shelf in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth. Consider working at a sit stand straight desk today.

What sizes are they available in?

Rapid span sit to stand height adjustable straight desks are available in 3 sizes. Their overall dimensions are :

: 1200 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 685 mm to 1205 mm high

: 1500 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 685 mm to 1205 mm high

: 1800 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 685 mm to 1205 mm high

Self assembly guide

  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Time required - 45 minutes
  • Tools required - Cordless Drill (with phillips head tip), tape measure.


Unpack top, and place upside down on a clean surface. Unpack and assemble the frame upside down on the top, as per instructions provided. Tape measure is required to centrally locate frame onto top, (do not block the cable hole entries with frame). Once central, cordless drill is required to fix frame to top with self tapping screws (provided). Fix all wiring to the top as per diagrams provided. Turn desk over, position, plug in and use.


Make sure that the legs are both wound down to their lowest position, prior to beginning assembly. These desks are easy to assemble, for those with height adjustable office desk assembly experience.

Purchased Sep, 2018

Benny, Benowa Waters