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Modular Reception Counter with Glass Shelf

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  • Add another module to create a larger desk
  • Add a modular reception counter full height to either side
  • Height Adjustable Feet
  • Available in Warm White Only
  • 5 Year Commercial Use Warranty

Modular Reception Counter with Glass Shelf

1339 mm wide x 800 mm deep x 935 mm high.

Click here to see drawings, including eagle view with measurements

  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Time required - 45 minutes
  • Tools recommended - Cordless Drill (with phillips head bit), hammer.

Summary - All holes are pre threaded & drilled to make self assembly easy. If you don't have a cordless drill, then a phillips head screw driver will still do the job easily, but will double the assembly time required. A hammer is required to fit the small plastic spacers inside the unit. A second person is required to help fit the curved face panel, and the glass counter top.

Recommendations - Relatively easy for those who usually assemble their own furniture. Second person required to help with assembly.