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Desk Drawers

Rapid Worker Range Mobile Pedestal

Rapid Worker Range Mobile Pedestals

Rapid Worker Range Fixed Pedestal

Rapid Worker Range Fixed Pedestals

2 x box drawer, 1 x file drawer mobile pedestal from the Ready Office Range in Ironstone

Ready Office Range Mobile Pedestals

Rapid Span Range Mobile Pedestal in White

Rapid Span Range Mobile Pedestals

Rapid Manager Range Mobile Pedestal

Rapid Manager Range Mobile Pedestals

Rapid Manager Range Fixed Pedestal

Rapid Manager Range Fixed Pedestals

Go Steel Range Mobile Pedestal

Go Steel Range Mobile Pedestals

Ironstone Mobile Pedestal

Ironstone Mobile Pedestals


Desk drawers are a handy furniture accessory for your desk. Store personal items and keep them under lock and key. Keep important suspension files at hand

Fixed Pedestals

All of our desks have allowances for fixed pedestals. They can be screwed to the left or right hand underside of your desk. Both ranges available on our website come in 2 different types. There are the 1 x box drawer & 1 x file drawer combination. The file drawer is handy obviously for any suspension files that you need on hand. The other type is the 3 x box drawer combination. These will hold more stationery and personal items. 

Each unit is locking, comes with 2 x keys and all drawers lock.

Mobile Pedestals

Mobile pedestals do not have to be installed in a fixed position. They can be positioned wherever is handy for you. They fit perfectly under our desks without too much wasted space. Some operators like to have them right next to them so that they can access the drawers without having to reach.

One example of this was we were called into an office, and asked to remove all of the fixed pedestals and replace them with mobiles so that the operators didn't have to move too much to access them. In this particular office it was a matter of WH&S.

Some operators like to position there mobiles on the end of there desks externally. they make great pedestals for photocopiers, fax machines or basically helping to create more desk space.

I have seen mobile pedestals used as spare seats in the instance where operators are required to collaborate with other employees at their workstations. Our mobile caddies are actually available with an upholstered seat.

The Rapid Worker Range mobile pedestals come in 3 x drawer combinations :

1 - 2 x box drawer, 1 x file drawer (these are our most popular combination)

2 - 2 x file drawers (customers that buy large corner desks like to have 1 of these under one side of there desks and a 2 x box, 1 file under the opposite side.

3 - 4 x box drawer.

The Rapid Worker Range has the most combinations and are available in 3 colours. All of the ranges however are available in the 2 x box and 1 x file drawer combination. We also have Go Steel Range mobile pedestals. These are available in 4 different colours. 

As with the fixed pedestals, all units are locking, they all come with 2 x keys and all drawers lock.