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Straight Desks

1500 x 750 beech over ironstone straight desk from the Rapid Worker Range

Rapid Worker Range Straight Desks

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Rapid Vibe Range Straight Desks

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1800 x 700 beech over silver straight desk from the Rapid Span Range

Rapid Span leg Straight Desks

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Rapid Span Leg Straight Desk with Return

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Rapid Span C Leg Straight Desks

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Deluxe Infinity 1 Person Workstations - No Screen

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Deluxe Eternity 1 Person Workstations - No Screen

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Rapid Span Electric Height Adjustable Straight Desks

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Rapid Manager Span Frame Straight Desks

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1800 x 900 appletree over ironstone straight desk from the Rapid Manager Range

Rapid Manager Range Straight Desks

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Why are straight desks, a better option?


1 - They can be reconfigured with ease

In commercial offices, straight desks can be reconfigured easily. Business start up's require a couple of desks to get going, usually something on the cheap side, that is large enough for what each operator needs, and fit easily into their office space. Quite often, 6 to 12 months down the track, they are wanting another 2 or 3 desks, as there business is developing, and they need to expand. The business will want the same type & colour of desks, to keep everything matching, and may need to reconfigure their existing desks, in order to fit the new staff members in. Many times, we have seen businesses boom from this point, and require a dozen more of the same desks, delivered to a new office space, that they are relocating to. A plan has been created for the new and the existing desks, and they are combined in a new configuration, to suit the new layout.

In addition, straight desks can be moved easily, without being dismantled. Either around your existing office, through doorways, when carried by 2 people on there sides, or into a truck, for transportation to a new location.


2 - They maximise spaces more efficiently

Whether in business or home offices, straight desks are better at maximising the space that you have, because they come in so many sizes, large & small. *Tip - when measuring up a desk for your home office, use any kind of sticky tape on the floor, to mark it out. This way you will see exactly how much space you have left for your chair, or to walk past it, in tighter areas. *Tip - if a smaller desk is what you require, be it 1200 or 900 wide, be careful about ordering under desk drawers, as they will leave you with little to no leg room. Any drawers you purchase for smaller straight desks should be mobile, and placed next to the desk, rather than beneath it. This can be a benefit in itself, as mobile drawer units are great pedestals for printers or in trays, as an example, which when used like this, will help to free up the work area of your straight desk.


3 - You can convert your straight desk into a corner workstation

12 months ago, you purchased a straight desk from us. It was big enough for what you required at the time, and all was going well until some changes occurred, and all of a sudden you require more desk space. do i have to by a second desk now? No you don't. All you need to do is simply add on a desk return, to create a corner desk.

Returns are available in multiple sizes, to help you expand your work area, and increase your desk space. *tip - not all of our desks have matching returns, so if your thinking that you would like to have this option in the future, be sure to purchase a straight desk from either the rapid worker rangerapid vibe range or rapid manager range.


Summing Up

Straight desks are versatile, and can be used in commercial offices, as well as home offices. They swiftly solve desking requirements. They can adapt to suit your business needs, as required. They can be easily reconfigured, without be dismantled. Click on one of the above ranges, to begin browsing and shopping through our ranges of straight desks.