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Height Adjustable Desks


Rapid Span Electric Height Adjustable Straight Desks

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rapid span electric sit stand height adjustable corner desk, with a 25 mm thick warm white melamine top over a precious silver metal frame, size 1800 x 1800 x 700, in the raised position

Rapid Span Electric Height Adjustable Corner Desks

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Triumph Manual Height Adjustable Open Workstation

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Rapid Surge Height Adjustable Desk

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Rapid Riser

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Rapid Flux Electric Desk Risers

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Rapid Refresh Anti-Fatigue Mat (for use when standing)

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Preset Height Controller for our Electric Height Adjustable Desks

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Browse and buy from our selection of commercial height adjustable desks. Enjoy free delivery to most areas across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.


Height adjustable desks are popular because :

They provide an ergonomic option, for working at your desk. No more standard height fixed desk to sit at. The standard now becomes whatever height you set your desk at. Operators are working a minimum of 8 hours per day, at their desks. Providing a sit stand option, increases comfort, which increases overall happiness, which in turn increases productivity. Choose between manual or electric height adjustable options.


Their accessories include :

Desk mounted screens. These screens add privacy to your area, whether you sit or stand. They will travel up and down with your desk, according to your requirements. Monitor arms also travel up and down with your desk, and add another ergonomic element, whilst increasing your desk space. A rapid refresh anti-fatigue mat will give you a foot massage, and increase your blood circulation, while standing. 


Other height adjustable desk options include :

The rapid riser & rapid flux. These are manual and electric desk risers, that can be added to any existing desk, and are a very cost effective way, of creating a height adjustable desk. 



Imagine yourself sitting or standing at your desk, whenever it suits you. This is the freedom & comfort, that height adjustable desks offer.