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Desk Returns


Rapid Worker Range Desk Returns

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Rapid Vibe Range Desk Returns

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Need more desk space? Consider adding a desk return onto your existing straight desk. Find out when they are most suitable, and pair with matching drawer units.


What are desk returns?

Desk returns, are a right angled desk extension, suitable for straight desks. They can be fitted to the left or right hand side of the desk, and come off the desk at 90 degrees, creating an "L" shape. They can not be used to extend a desks length. Our worker, vibe & manager ranges have matching desk returns available. It is important that you purchase returns from the same range as your desk, because the holes are all pre drilled for assembly. 


Why not just purchase an "L" shaped desk to begin with?

The beauty of desk returns is that they are suitable, to be added on, at a later date. So you can save money initially, by purchasing straight desks, instead of "L" shaped desks. Then, if more desk space is required in the future, you can add on a matching desk return. They are also small items, that can be assembled and fitted easily in a working office, as and when required.


Are there any related products?

All of our desk returns have matching fixed under desk drawers available. They come assembled in the box, and are easy to fit, as the holes have already been prepared in the return. Once again, only drawer units from matching ranges will align.


Summing Up

Easily expand your desk space if and when required, by creating an "L" shape desk, with one of our desk returns.