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Rapid Span Corner Desks - Beech Tops / Silver Frames

4.8 out of 5 stars
rapid span leg corner desk with a 25 mm thick beech melamine top, over a precious silver metal frame, size 1800 x 1800 x 700.
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Rapid span corner desks are handy as either stand alone desks or as the basis for a workstation layout. They are finished with beech desk tops over silver metal frames

Their features include :

  • Choose from 4 different sizes.
  • 1 x extra large 80 mm diameter cable hole entry, making it easy to feed through all of your plugs & cables.
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • 5 year warranty


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Rapid span corner desks are available in 4 sizes. Their overall dimensions are :

: 1800 mm wide x 1800 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 730 mm high

: 1800 mm wide x 1500 wide mm x 700 mm deep x 730 mm high 

: 1500 mm wide x 1500 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 730 mm high

: 1800 mm wide x 1200 mm wide x 700 mm deep x 730 mm high

*Please note - The 1800x1500 & 1800x1200, can be assembled as left or right handed.

  • Difficulty - Medium (no assembly instructions provided with this item)
  • Time required - 40 minutes
  • Tools required - Cordless Drill (with phillips head bit), tape measure.

Summary - Unpack top, and place upside down on a clean surface. Unpack legs and modesty panels, then assemble the frame upside down on the top. Tape measure is required to centrally locate frame onto top, (do not block the cable hole entries with frame). Once central, cordless drill is required to fix frame to top with self tapping screws (provided). 

*Please note - assembly screws are located in plastic bags, taped inside boxes.

Recommendations - Rapid span corner desks are easy to assemble, if you have office furniture assembly experience. A second person will be required to help you turn the desk over onto it's feet, and to put it into position.

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