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Shop online for all of your offices desking requirements. Get tips on measuring up & saving on purchases, while learning about each desks features.


I need a new desk, where do i start?

First of all, you must decide what type of desk you would like, which is a balance of how much desk space you require for your work, and how much space you have to work with. If you have purchased desks from us in the past, and need more, you already know what to do. Some of you may be replacing an existing desk, with a desk the same size or bigger, so you already know your dimensions. For those fitting out a new space, you must first :


: Measure up 

Take a measuring tape, and see how much space you have to work with. All of our dimensions are in millimetres, (mm). Length is easy to measure, but don't forget about the depth. You are going to need at least 700 mm of clearance additionally to your desk depth, in order to be able to get in and out of your chair comfortably. Now all you have to do, is decide on a desk suitable for the area.

tip - use masking tape on the floor when checking measurements. The outline you create, will let you know exactly how much space you will have left around the desk, once installed.


: Then, choose your desk

You know your dimensions, now it's time to browse through our ranges, to find the best desk for each area. You may be fitting out a general office space, or home office. It may be a for a reception area, or executive office. Whatever the area, the options for searching our website, are to :

: click on one of the categories above. This will take you to the category page, where you can begin browsing, through our selection of products, in each category.

: shop by ranges. You may already have a range in mind. If so, go to the 3rd menu along the menu bar, and click on "shop by ranges". This will show you all of the desks available in each range, along with a comprehensive look at matching products.

: shop by colour. You may be trying to match a colour, or create a certain colour scheme. If so, go to the 2nd menu along the menu bar, and click on "shop by colour". This will show you all of the desks available in each colour scheme, along with a comprehensive look at other products available in the same colour.


Buy your desk online

You have decided on a desk from one of our ranges, and would like to make a purchase. Once you have selected your size, and colour choice, simply add your desk to cart. Once added, you can hover over the shopping cart to select checkout. Once in the checkout, fill out your details & requirements, and press "place order". (payment for your desk can be made by credit/debit card, PayPal, direct deposit or 6 month payment terms). You will automatically receive an order confirmation email, and we will process your order within 10 to 15 minutes during business hours. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email from our sales team.


What are our desks features?

All of our desks come with a 25 mm thick melamine desk top. These desk tops won't bow, and are essential, for commercial grade desks. They also come surrounded by a 2 mm thick pvc edging, which will not peel like veneer or paper edging, and are also backed by each desks warranty. Most of the melamine based desks have external bolts fitted through the outside of each gable into the modesty panel for extra strength. (if you have ever dragged an ordinary desk sideways, the gable (leg) will usually bend off, and break, under it's own weight). The metal based desks all come with height adjustable levelling feet, perfect for those uneven floors. They are all fitted with cable hole entries & covers. All of our desks come with long warranties, which cover all things structural.


Summing up, regardless of the area you are fitting out, we are confident that you will find the right desks here, for your needs, at the right price. Consider our desks, for your next project.