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Get current tax benefits on office furniture here.

Get current tax benefits on office furniture here. Benefits are ending July 30 this year. Contact our accountant for a 30 minute free consultation today.


If you're an eligible small business, you can claim the full cost in the year of purchase of most depreciating assets costing less than $20,000. After 30 June 2017, this threshold will return to it's previous amount of $1,000.


As an eligible small business, you can also choose to use the simplified depreciation rules and 'pool' any asset purchases. The small business pooling allows a 15% deduction in the first year and 30% thereafter.


Do you run a home office? You may be eligible to claim the purchase of office furniture and equipment along with running and occupancy costs depending on your individual circumstances.


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If you are unsure if you meet the small business criteria or need general advice in relation to asset purchases or home office claims from anywhere in Australia, please fell free to contact us directly. Just mention Only Office Furniture for a "FREE" 30 minute consultation on 07 3491 3458 or email us at admin@lhaccounting.com.au



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